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  • Activated Carbon
联系人: Laurence D'Alberti


HPAF-8000 Duplex Activated Carbon Adsorption System


Two (2) 8,000 lbs capacity Activated Carbon Adsorbers with piping manifold for series, parallel, backflush, isolation and shutdown modes of flow. Delivered with 16,000 lbs Norit GAC400 12x40 mesh coal based Activated Carbon. "I am pleased to share with you that we received our first set of testing results for disinfection byproducts in our system in January and they were incredible! Our system has always had a problem meeting the state guidelines for TTHM (80Mg/L) and HAA5 (60 Mg/L). Our results were non-detect for HAA5 and 1.4mg/L for TTHM. We are so pleased with the carbon system!" - General Manager of N. California Water Treatment Plant

VFD/AFD-55 Activated Carbon Adsorber Drums

价格:$527 + freight

55 gallon drum adsorber for liquid (AFD) and vapor phase (VFD) applications.

Virgin Coconut Shell and Coal Based Activated Carbons


All common grades and mesh sizes of Activated Carbon from coal, anthracite and coconut shell.

Cat-OX 4mm pellet Activated Carbon


High Hydrogen Sulfide capacity (81.5% by weight) metal-oxide treated 4mm pellet Activated Carbon
4mm pellet Cat-OX Activated Carbon
Apparent Density: 0.450 +/- 0.020 g/cc
Hardness Number: 95
Butane Activity: 27.4
CTC: 70
H2S Capacity: 0.36 g/cc (Typical Analysis 0.378 g/cc)
Iodine Number: 1200 mg/g

Higher capacity for Hydrogen Sulfide than Odorcarb Ultra, Addsorb Sulfox-HC, Sulphasorb XL, Midas OCM and Minotaur OC. 20% higher capacity than any of the competition! Not made in China.


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