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127, Clontarf Road, Hamilton Hill, WA 6163, 澳大利亚

电话: 0893366819
移动电话: 0457638389

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联系人: Eric Abherve


Removal and Storage Service

价格:Starting From $89 ph + GST

KROOS Logistics provide local removals plus storage service through the Perth metropolitan area and Western Australia.

Packing Services & Package Gears Perth


Get Expert House & Office Packers. Kroos Logistics provides packing services & packing boxes to reduce your stress, avoid damage & save time.

Book Carton(406x298x431)$4.4
Universal box(425x370x640)$4.4
Tea chest box(431x406x596)$5.5
Tea chest plain(431x406x596)$5
Port a robe or wardrobe box + bar(595x476x1080)$18.5
Tape(48 mm width)$5
Paper 15Kg(05 Kg)$22
Paper 15Kg(15 Kg)$49

Office-Corporate Relocation Service

价格:Start From $89 ph + GST

KROOS Logistics provide an office corporate relocation for all type of business around the Perth metro area. No matter the size of your company, we can help you with your move.

Express General Freight Transport

价格:Depend Upon Requirements

KROOS Logistics offer a road transport service around Perth metro. Whenever you need a transport of your goods, Pallet, Parcel, or any items, we have the right vehicle to suit your need.

Home & Office Cleaning Services

价格:Depend Upon Requirements

KROOS cleaning agency offers a unique ecological Office, Home cleaning services perth, carpet cleaning. Give Us Call at 04 5763 8389 and Get a Free Quotes.



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