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Perimeter Security Solution and Fire Alarm Solution


Solar power wireless perimeter beams with complete alarm wireless receiver and alarm reporting system is the advanced ideal security equipment for home and business security service installation.

Conventional fire alarm is upgrade with intelligent technology for easy programming and fire broadcasting for building, community fire precaution. It works with smoke detector, heat detector, gas sensor, alarm horn.

Alarm solutionPerimeter security and fire alarm
Alarm deviceAdvanced solar power industry grade wireless beams and intelligent conventional fire alarm panel
Security Solution application scopeSmall business, Community, Villa, Security service installation alarm
Alarm Wireless compatibilitySame brand Wireless alarm device or convertor
Fire alarm CertificateEN certificate suit for Canada, Europe, Asia etc.

Wireless alarm accessory for Focus brand alarm device


Complete Wireless alarm system with newest wireless alarm panel, wireless smoke detector, wireless door contact, wireless motion sensor pir, wireless vibration sensor, wireless panic button, wireless curtain pir, wireless rolling door contact, wireless keypad.
The total wireless alarm security system for easy DIY home security. It is English speech voice guide and LCD menu guide alarm system programming, Smart phone App operated alarm system. House appliance can be controlled by remote controller of the alarm system. It is touch screen smart alarm device for new installation alarm security kits.

Alarm Communication way433MHz RF wireless encryption encoding and decoding
Wireless alarm communication distance100-150m
Wireless alarm detector technologyPet immunity, interference resistant, tamper resistant, low power alarm, door open alert

Solar power Wireless beams alarm solution for perimeter security


Solar power wireless perimeter beams and GSM alarm wireless receiver, RS485, RS232 and IP network connection is the advanced alarm security system.
The solar power wireless beams are the advanced technology industry grade perimeter security equipment.
It is 10m, 60m or 100m infrared detection distance and 500-10000m wireless transmitting distance. It can be used as farm security protection, villa security, business security, yard security, school security etc. with onsite alarm and GSM with PSTN network alarm report to CMS, preset telephone.

Security SolutionPerimeter Security Solution
Alarm System InstallationSecurity Service Professional installation
Alarm Solution ApplicationFarm protection, Villa security, garden anti intrusion, window entry protection

Life safety Home Security Sensors


Life safety sensors can work with wired or wireless alarm systems or work independently. When it works with alarm panel, it will trigger alarm and make alarm report via alarm panel. When it works independently, it will make sound and light alarm for notice of danger.
There are CO detector with monitor, Heat Detector, Smoke Detector and Gas Sensor with solenoid electronic valve.
It works 24 hours and monitors the environment to avoid accident such as gas leakage, oven over heated, CO generated etc.

InstallationMounted on wall or ceilling with screw
Wiring or wireless workingCan work with alarm panel wired or wireless, or no wiring independently work
Power supplyAC100-240V or 9V battery
Installation and usage instructionWith English instruction for installation, usage and notes

Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting System


Conventional fire alarm is zone identified smoke, heat, gas leakage alarm and fire prevention system.
It is used for hotel, building fire precaution and evacuation.

Addressable fire alarm is alarm detector identified fire security system. There are unique address code for each smoke detector, heat detector, gas leakage sensor.
It is used for enterprise, industry with dispersed monitoring points.

Professional fire alarm system is guard monitoring and programmable system supervised.
It is with certificate of EN54, NFPA etc. Fire security requirement.

Fire Alarm PanelConventional fire alarm or addressable fire alarm
Fire alarm system supervision circuitdetector fault, power line cut or low power, zone fault
Sounder circuit2 or 4 circuit for Sound and Light alarm, each circuit can equip 16 sounders


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